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A Freeing Experience

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Without going into all the details, we recently had a horrible experience with Insignia Products, Best Buy’s “house brand” – which is made by LG I believe – and Best Buy.  The problem was with a DVR recorder that also transfers VHS to DVD as one unit.  We bought the Insignia product because it seemed to have all the features we needed, and was moderately priced.

 We got sucked into the “Best Buy Syndrome” because they always had everything we needed at a decent price, a wide selection, and stuff was usually “in stock”.  We do not purchase a lot of consumer electronics – our main TV was a 15 year old 20-inch tube.  We upgraded to a 27-inch tube a couple years ago.  We’ve also purchased a couple refridgerators, laptops, iPods and other miscellaney, all without problems.

What was different about this experience ?  Well, over the Summer the DVD unit failed.  Best Buy repaired it and it’s been fine since – until a couple weeks ago.  The same problem recurred, and I wanted it fixed for free since it WAS a recurring problem.  After many go arounds with Insignia and “Geek Squad”, all I had to show for it was frustration.  Neither party was willing to accept responsibility, and basically implied I should have bought the Extended Warranty – whatever.

 After explaining our dilemma to the store manager, and chastising her for her inferior house brand and worthless Geek Squad, I advised that we would NEVER buy ANYTHING from Besy Buy again.  I mentioned the thousands of dollars we have spent at their store, and the fact that we would never be back.  I cut up my Best Buy Card (with their scissors), dumped it in her hand, and stated “I won’t be needing this anymore”… 


Written by johntheirishman

Wednesday, 13 February, 2008 @ 6:44 at 6:44

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  1. Damn that warranty option! I’m surprised that they didn’t take care of you, BBuy usually has the best prices. If it makes you feel any better I have had 4 DVD players (spendy ones) go TU on me over the past 7 or 8 years. Now I just buy the cheapest one that there is, when it breaks I’ll just buy a new one. The last one I bought has lasted the longest and it was only 40.00…Funny how that works…


    Thursday, 14 February, 2008 @ 12:25 at 12:25

  2. I didn’t go into “all” the details in the post, but basically Insignia said (in broken english with an Eastern European accent) “zee Geek Squawt shoot feex eet for free, zhat’s why zhey’re zhere…”. After I asked Geek if HE thought it should last longer than the 1-year warranty period he said “no, that’s why you buy the extended warranty”, and that it was Insignia’s problem – whatever, dude. THEN Insignia said (in broken english with an Indian accent) “dhere iz noting I can do unlezzyou want to bay to have eet feexed”. Unfortunately for both Insignia and Best Buy, as is human nature, I will tell 100 people about the bad experience I had, and would have only told a handful of people about the experience if they made it right. And don’t even GET me started on US companies using overseas call centers for support…


    Thursday, 14 February, 2008 @ 14:49 at 14:49

  3. Miss me? I added you back on Trav’s blog roll. Shame on him for taking you off!


    Friday, 15 February, 2008 @ 17:39 at 17:39

  4. Of COURSE I miss you, PC ! Do you know if Trav got my package ? It will be 3 weeks Monday…


    Saturday, 16 February, 2008 @ 6:25 at 6:25

  5. Yeah! He just got it. They hadn’t got mail in almost two weeks so when he finally got mail, he got about 4 things. He ain’t too happy though, they’re transfering him again with that a**hole army cpt. he can’t stand. At least he’s already almost half way done.


    Sunday, 17 February, 2008 @ 9:14 at 9:14

  6. I sent him jerky ~ do you know if it was still good ?


    Sunday, 17 February, 2008 @ 10:27 at 10:27

  7. Dunno. I’ll ask…


    Sunday, 17 February, 2008 @ 18:09 at 18:09

  8. Hey John, I thought, based on your last post that you were throwing in the towel and done with blogging. well it sucks to hear about the a-holes at BB. john and i have had similar experiences with sprint… but we’re locked in the stupid contract till june so you better believe once june hits, we’re outta there!!! why do people have to suck sometimes?


    Monday, 18 February, 2008 @ 10:24 at 10:24

  9. Hey Chey ! Good to hear from you ! Basically, our experience with BB and your’s with Sprint is just how things have become. I think the retailers feel they can do “whatever”, and that the consumer base is large enough that they will be unaffected. Just like Giant Eagle ~ as soon as the Lakewood store took over the old Tops they started dropping name brand products in favor of their own generic brand. I have basically stopped going there since there are enough smaller stores and specialty stores to fill our needs. Unfortunately, it’s all about corporate profit…


    Monday, 18 February, 2008 @ 10:49 at 10:49

  10. Also, Giant Eagle seems to have bumped ALL cuts of Beef up by $3-5 per pound once Tops left town. For instance, a simple Strip Steak that I can get elsewhere for $6-7 / pound is $10-11 at Giant Eagle – they’ve lost us as a regular customer…


    Monday, 18 February, 2008 @ 11:31 at 11:31

  11. It does feel like the world is being over run with a new mentality.. instead of “the costumer’s always right” approach to costumer service, it’s more like careless lack of accountability! And the sad thing is that people go to these places because of better prices and ends up assisting to put the honest places out of business. Sigh.


    Tuesday, 19 February, 2008 @ 10:29 at 10:29

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