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Breaking News : Chimenea Dies In Construction Accident

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The Chimenea, that constant patio companion to the Morans and their guests for many years, has died in a construction related accident.  During a late night building project to construct a pergola, a workman lost control of a support beam, which in turn directly impacted the fragile, yet still functional Chimenea.  By the time help arrived, there was nothing that could be done; in Lakewood, age 6.

 “I was first on the scene since I lost control of the support”, stated a worker, who refused to be named.  “It was horrible – quite like nothing I had ever seen.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get the image out of my head.  Everything was going smooth, and then WHAM – it was gone.  I may need counseling.”

The Chimenea was born in a factory in Mexico in 2001 to a family of oppressed, low-skilled laborers.  Purchased in 2002 to usher in the first Father’s Day celebration between two families in Lakewood, Ohio, the Chimenea served as a selfless companion to outdoor activities.  Heavily used for six seasons, the Chimenea began to show it’s age in 2007.  After one near fatal incident during Grammapalooza 2007 – in which an inebriated Pammycakes ordered her husband Snakeye to “KIck it !  Kick it over !  John wants you to destroy it !”, the end was near – but the Chimenea would survive to burn another day.

Services will be private.  The family asks that there be no flowers.  Donations in liquid form can be made the next time friends and family stop by.  A new Chimenea or variant thereof will be purchased soon.  Cheers, old buddy – you will be missed.


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Saturday, 29 September, 2007 @ 7:09 at 7:09

“They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot…”

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OK – so maybe it ain’t Paradise, but it WILL be a Parking Lot.  With Modular Classroom Trailers.  And more Vandalism.  And Traffic.  And an Eyesore.  What am I talking about ?  Lakewood City Schools has decided that the Multi-use Athletic Field that has been our neighbor to the South FOREVER is now better used as a portable “Campus” as they put it.  One day you go to work and see the Sun glistening off the dew, then you come home to 3 or 4 acres of dirt – nice.

 We LOVE relaxing on our back patio.  It is our favorite place to be in the Summer, where we eat most meals, and where we entertain.  This is not just some concrete slab with a couple plastic chairs either – this is a stone patio with moss, Trumpet vines, a fireplace, a swing and nice furniture.  It is also surrounded by tall trees, Tropical plants, a 30ft long herb garden and various landscaped planters.  It is an escape, a refuge, an outdoor living room.  It is where we are immersed in the changing of the Seasons.  The openness of the field – very tough to find in the city – just added a bit more, as it is only about 20ft away from the patio.

So, without warning, the schools decide to bulldoze the whole place.  We get a note on the door the SAME DAY which starts out with “As you may have noticed…”  As I MAY have noticed ?  Where was my opportunity to oppose this ?  Heck, dude behind me had to have a Public Hearing because his garage was going to be taller than most, but the city schools can just do whatever the you-know-what they want and then send a letter AFTER it’s too late to stop them ?  After posing these concerns on the Principal’s voicemail, I have not received a call back yet.

Along with everything I mentioned previously, we could also have an increase in crime, and a decrease in property value.  The field has long been used by the neighborhood, and also had a Baseball Diamond.  There were Track & Field meets, JV Football practices, weekend Softball games – you name it.  Unfortunately, it is also where medivac helicopters landed as it was the only place close to the hospital that they could.  Lakewood has normally done things “above board”, but this time they dropped the ball…

Update : (as advised by the Principal) This phase of the project was unveiled back in 2004 during a series of school disctrict planning meetings which were open to the public – 35 Trailers for 4 years while they renovate the high school, then take it all away and put the field back as it was.  We’ll see…

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Thursday, 20 September, 2007 @ 4:41 at 4:41

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We might have “had it handed to us”, but at least we’re not Michigan…

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Summary of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish loss to Georgia Tech, 33-3.  The 5th-ranked Michigan Wolverines lost to 1-AA Appalachian State, 34-32, at home.

Update : We didn’t fare any better against PSU – NO O, NO D, so no W.  Michigan lost again as well, but THIS week sports fans, THIS WEEK is the battle of the 0 and 2s !  I’m sure it will be a Game for the Ages as these two storied programs fight for that ever-so-elusive first victory of the season…

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Sunday, 2 September, 2007 @ 6:18 at 6:18

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