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4 Days and Counting…

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Four days and counting – that’s all I have left in my current position in Supply Chain Management.  After many weeks of interviews and phone calls, my company has FINALLY hired my replacement.  I figured it would take about six weeks to find the right person, and it basically did by the time the position hit the job boards.  Starting Tuesday 09/04  – my first day – I will be in charge of my new department for a month while Bossman takes a long vacation.

As some of you may recall from my earlier post (, I was very unhappy and gave notice that I was leaving the company – with absolutely NOTHING lined up.  The next morning I was offered a new position in Facilities Management.  If you leave out the over night period since I gave notice at 4:30 in the afternoon, I was basically “re-hired” in a span of about less than an hour – not bad !  Thanks again, Lord – I am blessed !

The department I will be working in is basically charged with making sure the facilities, grounds, building mechanical systems and repairs & maintenance activities perform as advertised.  We have roughly 130,000 sqft of office and factory space (split evenly), along with 30 acres of property.  Along with the aforementioned areas of responsibility, my department also is a fully-functioning fabrication shop with machining, sheet metal fab, saw-cutting and welding capabilities – a very talented crew of six guys.

As a gift to myself I decided (as has become tradition for me) to take off this Friday after “College Football Thursday” as I call it.  I started this years ago so that I could get my fill of football by staying up late watching games, and also watching those meaningless West Coast games (still good football though).  Notre Dame kicks off yet another National Championship run on Saturday, plus it’s a holiday weekend !  Four days on, four days off, lotsa College Football and the last holiday of Summer – not a bad way to start off my new endeavor…


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Saturday, 25 August, 2007 @ 8:27 at 8:27

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  1. DANG I can’t wait for cfb either. I was perusing the Thursday night games and looks like all I can watch is Tulsa vs. Louisiana Monroe or LSU vs. Miss. State. I think I will probably watch a half of that LSU game and bag it. Friday night we all get to watch JJ’s Huskys vs. Syracuse on espn. That will be good fun.

    Congrats on the new job, it looks like a good one. If you ever run into problems sourcing HVAC related items, you know where to find me.


    Saturday, 25 August, 2007 @ 9:01 at 9:01

  2. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Good luck in the new position, and game on!


    Saturday, 25 August, 2007 @ 16:41 at 16:41

  3. Hooray! You’ll make the big bucks then, right? This is your cousin Jackie, BTW.

    Oikay, bye!


    Wednesday, 29 August, 2007 @ 20:54 at 20:54

  4. It is AWN !!! Collej Football 2007 !!! Goooooooo IRISH !!!

    (And yes, Jackie – I WILL make the big bucks ! Hey, is anything up with that ESPN gig you submitted for ?)


    Thursday, 30 August, 2007 @ 5:42 at 5:42

  5. Hey jti, nice day for the irish. Well done, they lost by less than 35. Enjoy your very long season. Come on into the SFU next time, we missed laying abuse on you.


    Saturday, 1 September, 2007 @ 21:41 at 21:41

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