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“I Ain’t Missin’ You At All…”

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…or so the David Wilcox song goes (I had to look up the artist – hadn’t a clue).  That’s not how I feel when I’m apart from loved ones, but that’s how it seems due to today’s technology.  With the advent of cell phones, eMail, VOIP, instant messaging, satellite transmissions and what not – everyone is just a click or a “send” a way.

I guess I first noticed it as our friends and family started moving about the country – and in some cases – the globe.  Cell phones make everyone seem as though you can “reach out and touch someone” any time, day or night.  Or at least when it’s 0100hrs in CLE and, say,  2200 in Clovis, NM (thanks PC).  It’s amazing how small the world can become due to today’s consumer electronics boom.  I personally have not been tied to a “land-line” since the mid 90’s – no waiting by the phone for this “on the go” guy !

Cases in point : Slim goes to visit Pam in Savannah, calling multiple times to just see what’s up – and to ask me to Google directions to a place they were just a block away from.  Snakeye’s ability to update his blog, comment on mine and other people’s while serving our country overseas.  Our friend Alysia eMailing pictures from Northern Italy while she and Magnum were stationed there.  My constant, running eMail conversations with my buddy Scott in Florida.  Amazing how close everyone really is, isn’t it ?  Heck, technology is allowing me to sit under a pine tree in my back yard, typing this out on my wireless notebook !

During World Wars I & II, Korea, Vietnam and other conflicts our fighting men (and women) gathered daily for Mail Call – possibly the high point of their day.  Sometimes it was weeks, or perhaps even months between correspondences.  Phone calls were unheard of !  Whilst in Savannah, Travis and Pam were able to communicate via video transmission from the base in the States to where Travis is serving “over there” – amazing !  Can you imagine,  back in the day, one of our Doughboys or Leathernecks having the ability to call home after a day of vanquishing evil to see how the family is ?

 While I felt “kind of” bad that I didn’t miss Lisa “that much” when she was visiting Savannah, it was awesome to know I could reach her at will just to say “hey, are you having fun ?”.  I will always miss those that we are separated from, but it’s comforting to know technology has brought us that much closer…


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Thursday, 24 May, 2007 @ 19:37 at 19:37

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Garden v.07

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Finally it looks like the threat of frost is behind us, so it was fairly safe to get the crops in this year – something I truly look forward to doing all Winter and Spring.  Although I am on rain delay right now, I plan on finishing the task today that I started yesterday.  I got about two-thirds planted before I decided it was time for one of Slim’s favorite meals – Shrimp Fra Diavolo and Lemon Pasta – at her request.  More on that at another time.

I first began farming as a “pre-teen” when a friend’s parents pitched a couple scrawny tomato plants into their compost pile.  I really felt bad for those little guys that didn’t make the cut, so I took them home and planted them.  Those rejects took off like crazy and I was overjoyed to see the “fruit” of my work.  I remember rushing home from school to see if there were any new flowers, then later any tomatoes to harvest.  I honestly don’t recall what I actually did with the tomatoes, but the process of going from planting to harvest left it’s mark !

This year, along with my usual crops of tomatoes, basil, peppers, pickling cukes and rosemary that we plant, we decided to add eggplant, slicing cukes, zucchini, yellow squash and mixed mesclun greens – basically baby lettuces.  Returning on their own for yet another season are strawberries, mulberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples, peaches, chives, leeks and a lot assorted herbs – around 10 or so.  I also expanded Garden v.07 by around 70 – 80 square feet, adding to the roughly 150+ that I normally plant.  All in all we will be swimming in produce from July through September, with many of the herbs lasting all through the Winter !  I also freeze a lot of stuff so we can enjoy it through “The Off Season”.

If you’ve never tried gardening, well, you should – it’s basically free food !  And like peoples from other countries do, my cooking creations often revolve around what is seasonal.  It is very common for our friends and family to stop by for dinner during “The Season” and have a good portion of the meal grown on site, and this year will certainly not disappoint !  Even if all you have is some patio space for a container garden it’s well worth the effort.  As the rain ceases I’ll be back at it, planting the balance of the crops for 2007, and very soon, reaping what I sow…

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Sunday, 20 May, 2007 @ 6:42 at 6:42

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I’ve Abandoned My Wife…

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…or at least that’s what it feels like !  I just dropped Lisa off CLE – she is taking a flight down to Savannah to visit her cousin Pam (a lot of you know her as the better half of the wildly popular “Pam & Travis Show”).  As most of you know, due to the airline regulations put in place since September 11th, I had to leave Slim at the screening area instead of accompanying her to the gate.  I was surprised how sad I felt as I watched her walk away and disappear out of sight.  I would imagine this is the way that parents feel when they send their little ones off to school for the first time.

Slim and I have been “thick as thieves” since our very first date back in 2000, and have not spent many days (or nights) apart since – normally my business trips.  Heck, it’s probably been over 3 years since I had an “overnighter”as my current job has not required it.  We’ve traveled, but always together – even for some of my business trips and Slim’s continuing ed seminars.  Starting tonight, it will be 3 days and nights apart – very strange !

I’m sure that being apart from your “significant other” is probably the norm for a lot of you, especially those in the military or in sales.  As I write this, Pam’s husband Snakeye is overseas serving our country – thank you Trav.  I know Slim and Pammycakes will have a blast – they always do !  And if you’ve never been to Savannah, I highly recommend a visit.  As for me and the dogs (who I expect to be very depressed), we’ll do just fine.  I’ve got a huge list of things I plan on doing around the house and yard, and maybe I’ll even get in some road or mountain biking too !  I’m also sure I’ll have a new appreciation for those that are separated from their loved ones from time to time, and appreciate it more that we aren’t…

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Thursday, 10 May, 2007 @ 14:56 at 14:56

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