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Been busy lately inside and out trying to get the house in order for Spring & Summer – my most favorite seasons.  Like most of you I have home repairs, yard work, garden prepping, and just plain shaking off the scales of the Dormant Season.  I am also considering a change of venue for how I spend 9 to 5 – more on that later.

What is suffering through all of this is this site, and dinner time – I have a “creative block”.  While I don’t consider myself an actual “writer”, the creative portion of my brain seems to be focused on things other than “this”.  I’m suffering in the kitchen also – the place I do some of my best work !  It will most certainly pass, but for right now I don’t have anything that I’m passionate enough to post about.

Future posts about food & the kitchen (really ?), mountain & road biking, college football, the Jeep, career-stuff and how to save a ton on your grocery bill will almost certainly (hopefully ?) be coming soon.  As many have penned over the centuries,  with any luck, “This Too Shall Pass…”


Written by johntheirishman

Friday, 30 March, 2007 @ 5:56 at 5:56

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