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Tapas & Platters & Vino – Oh My !

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Main Entry: 2tapa
Function: noun
Etymology: Spanish, literally, cover, lid, probably of Germanic origin; akin to Old English tæppa tap
: an hors d’oeuvre served with drinks especially in Spanish bars — usually used in plural

Literal translation : Small Plates.  I first had tapas on a trip to The Big Apple, somewhere on the upper East Side.  I instantly fell in love with the concept.  A group of people order a large selection of tapas and just “share”.  What’s not to love ?

My wife Slim and I often do the same at meal time, except we stay at home.  After all, the NYC can be expensive !  I make small dishes of shrimp, mushrooms, potatoes, roasted veggies – anything really – normally served with a good, crusty bread and a little red wine.  Tapas are normally simple dishes with little prep work that really deliver on flavor.  In a very short time you can have a meal to remember !

Another fav of our’s is “The Platter” – basically an Antipasto platter.  I’ll utilize cheeses, meats, fruits, veggies, and again a great bread.  The concept of both tapas and platters for us is basically relaxing, sharing, and taking it easy.  A large amount of our Summer meals on the patio are based around this concept – perfect for a lazy evening’s meal in front of the fire.  We’ve even entertained larger groups with only tapas & platters as the “main”.  It’s always received rave reviews.

Please take my advice, if you really want to connect (or not) with friends or your significant other at meal time – try tapas or a platter on for size.  Nothing exotic, make it your own.  We use mostly grocery store fare, though sometimes I’ll add a little something special from some of my favorite ethnic markets.  The most basic ingredient is to just “enjoy”…


Written by johntheirishman

Thursday, 1 March, 2007 @ 13:37 at 13:37

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  1. You know, Savannah does have a Tapas bar. Hmm, maybe you should check it out sometime.


    Thursday, 1 March, 2007 @ 19:38 at 19:38

  2. Ya know, mebbe I (we) just will…

    BTW, Lisa is sick of work and wants to start our own Mafia – yous in ?


    Thursday, 1 March, 2007 @ 20:22 at 20:22

  3. Great idea, it sounds fairly simple as well, especially while entertaining. I usually end up cooking a huge meal but I think “Tapas” are the way to go. It’s less stress and guests usually like the variety…

    Since I can’t cook, my tapas will include microwavable treats, something from the deep fryer, canned something, fish from the grill and domestic beer…

    …I’m kidding, sort of.


    Thursday, 1 March, 2007 @ 20:34 at 20:34

  4. johnnyj you SOB – how the heck are you ? Did you try the Clam Sauce yet ?


    Thursday, 1 March, 2007 @ 20:38 at 20:38

  5. I’ll try it in 2 (two) weeks, razor clam digging is open for 3 days on the 16-18th…Even my old man (mojoman) and little brother are coming over for it! It should be pretty easy, nice minus tide on this dig. Fresh razor clams are the best, ask the orientals (they go for $10+ a pound).

    Oh, I’ll need a chowder “recipe” too. I have a good one now that includes bacon but I’ll definately try a new one.


    Thursday, 1 March, 2007 @ 20:47 at 20:47

  6. I’ve got a real easy recipe for New England Clam Chowdah – including bacon – people really like it ! I even think it might be from Betty Crocker’s Cookbook – what can I say, if it’s good, it’s good…

    I have an Oysters Rockefeller from those fine folks also – really easy AND good !


    Thursday, 1 March, 2007 @ 20:55 at 20:55

  7. Sweet! I’d like to try your rockefeller…I eat a ton of oysters, something about living on an island in puget sound…The best part is that they’re free…

    I usually eat oysters raw with a drop of tabasco…If they’re yearling oysters though, no way I add anything, those things are delicious.

    The ladies usually like their oysters cooked over the coals for a few minutes…I’ll mix up some butter, garlic, and diced mushrooms to add to it…Pretty simple and tasty…


    Thursday, 1 March, 2007 @ 21:17 at 21:17

  8. Nothing but raw for us – my wife’s family is from the Chesapeake Bay area – sometime’s we have ’em by the bushel CHEAP ! When we don’t have ’em cheap, it’s anywhere from a buck each to $3 each at a decent CLE restaurant. Very common to pay $10 for a half dozen – CRIKIES !


    Thursday, 1 March, 2007 @ 21:40 at 21:40

  9. OUCH!!! You can get a bushel for $5 bucks around here (I guess knowing where to go helps too)…$1-$3 each is about what they charge at restaurants around here too, I grimace and think to myself …”HAHA.”

    I’m thankful that I live in a seafood environment and can “harvest” myself. The only bummer is that the dungeness crab population is on decline…Now there are (more)regulations on it…I still get limits, but not as often.


    Thursday, 1 March, 2007 @ 22:12 at 22:12

  10. Jealousy…JEALOUSY…Crikies !!! Man, I love raw oysters…


    Thursday, 1 March, 2007 @ 22:23 at 22:23

  11. Cool, go feed some to your woman…

    I guess oysters are an aphrodisiac…

    That is BS by the way, I just say it my woman all the time because it’s funny…She believes it too.


    Thursday, 1 March, 2007 @ 22:38 at 22:38

  12. Life on a island in the sound with free oysters…hmmm… How does one get a gig like that ? I think you mentioned taking a ferry to work also ? Sounds cool…


    Friday, 2 March, 2007 @ 6:37 at 6:37

  13. dude, you oughta just open up a restaurant… it’s probably more enjoyable than now.


    Friday, 2 March, 2007 @ 20:42 at 20:42

  14. JTI…Yeah, living on the island is awesome and yes, I take the ferry everyday to Sea-town. It is pretty cool but it is also about 3-4 hours of commuting everyday. I get a lot of my work and reading done so it isn’t that bad. Worth it to live on the island!


    Saturday, 3 March, 2007 @ 10:34 at 10:34

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