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“Breaking News : Anna Nicole Smith, Dead”

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I will apeeliagize in advance if I offend – not my intent here.  As people from Moose Jaw to The Falkands to Bimini to Bhutan know, sadly, Anna Nicole is dead.  Why does EVERYONE and their brother know this ?  Because every major news outlet worldwide has latched on to the story and are giving top billing, that’s why !

 If one were to turn on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC – heck, probably even the McNeil-Lehrer Report & SCOLA – you would think another Pope died !  You cannot blame the news outlets, however, you can only blame the public – or at least the star-struck society that we live in.  And not just here – from Bollywood to Beijing – the WORLD is mesmerized with celebrities.

 Obviously this should not be a new revelation to any of you.  Obsession with “poptarts”, leading men, the wealthy, et al, goes back centuries, and I’m sure longer.  Even Ben Franklin was a hit it France and the rest of Europe !  What drives people to not value themselves, yet find value in “paparazzi-fodder” is well beyond my level of comprehension.  I think it is basically poor self-esteem and a lack of self-worth.

Let’s face it – Anna Nicole’s life was a train wreck.  She posed for Playboy, married a 150-year-old billionaire, openly abused drugs – all in the public eye !  Please keep in mind that I’m not judging her, just trying to figure out her appeal to the masses.  I delayed writing this post but couldn’t help myself when CNN flashed a yellow news alert banner and a “Breaking News” lead story that the hearing regarding her remains was in session – too much !

I am sorry that she is dead, that she lost her son, and that her baby will grow up without her mother.  I am also sorry that people care about this story more than the dead person down the street, all the parents who have lost children, and all the babies without parents.  I’m not sorry that this bothers me so because it solidifies what I thought when her reality show was on TV a few years ago – I can’t WAIT for this “15 minutes” to be over…


Written by johntheirishman

Thursday, 22 February, 2007 @ 20:14 at 20:14

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  1. apeeliagize (noun): what you do to your friends when you are “aneebriated”


    Saturday, 24 February, 2007 @ 13:03 at 13:03

  2. Why, whatever would you know about that ???


    Saturday, 24 February, 2007 @ 19:22 at 19:22

  3. well put my friend. When this crap was “Alert” news and constantly aired 24/7, I was really tempted on putting a post up like this one. She was a disaster… the news and everyone knew it. Now all of the sudden she dies, and people are trying to build her up to be the next Marylin Monroe? Are you kidding me? Anyway, the coverage was really starting to piss me off. The only reason I didn’t do a post on it was that I didn’t want to contribute to the big hullabaloo.
    Anyway, I’m glad you posted, because my post would’ve probably been a lot more harsh.


    Sunday, 25 February, 2007 @ 15:02 at 15:02

  4. I can’t believe how people and the medias fawn all over celebrities. Sometimes I wish I was famous so I could have a platform to tell everyone to “knock it off and realize how stupid you are…” – I mean, c’mon…


    Monday, 26 February, 2007 @ 9:01 at 9:01

  5. ISSUES – ISSUES – ISSUES……sound familiar, John?
    This girl definitely had serious problems.

    Kim Cadle

    Tuesday, 6 March, 2007 @ 16:24 at 16:24

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